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A purse from Gdańsk: really kosher reconstruction.

I can't count how many times I was accused of problems with my ego because I'm picking up somebody or something all the time. Well - I don't have any problems, my ego is really huge. And within the framework of building this ego-edifice, I want to boast of my, a little bit cast-off, purse.

Few years ago, while my work-break, I went to the Błękitny Baranek in Gdańsk. And here is an explanation for those, who don't know what it is: BB is the most interesting archaeological museum in Poland. At the same time, this museum is the one that should forbid all reenactors to go in. There are no 'normal', 'simple' relics on its exhibition, but the most tasty things from gold-plated buckles and embroidered bags/purses to tones of tin badges. So, here comes the effect of watching such incredible collection: people-Christmas trees and Burgundian dukes from the second-hand shops.

When I was walking among those showcases, feeling like I was on high, suddenly, I saw HER*... the only one, beloved, with perfect lines and size: the purse  And I found a producer who could make its perfect copy. This is what we finally acheived.

But the shape and ornamentations are definitely not enough to call anything 'kosher'.

 This is why you should pay your attention to all details, like - for example - number of holes that remains after sewing a strap.


Or every mistake made by that guy who created the original purse, repairs, even patches.

Only a 'toy' like this entirely shows a climate of the epoch and the attitude of its people. We can't see a perfect symetry here, nor a robot's precision. However, you will notice a proper hand work and the economy in using a material. What is more, it's quite obovious that the purse was made by a skilled person, not by a paralytic with a Parkinson disease. I have to appeal to everybody once again: don't confuse a handmade with inability, rough seam and so!

In case anybody wants something like this or just well made, I can recommend this guy: http://craftsmen-of-taurica.blogspot.com/

*You have to know that 'purse' is in the feminine in Polish

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